Do you know your child is a Little Scienctist?


According to Jean Piaget, Father of Child Psychology Children are Little Scientists who explore their own word and that’s true.

Little Scientist naturally explore and interact with objects, people and concepts even without the help of an adult. For example; while playing with a ball and comparing it to the moon.

Children think in strikingly different ways compared to adults . They are born with a very basic Mental structure on which all subsequent learning and knowledge are based.

Children construct an understanding of the world around them , then experience discrepancies between what they already know and what they discover in their environment.

Jean piaget, believed that the child was very much the active learner in an age-stage process.

Children learn best by doing, so this type of playing is a natural fit for their development.

As development plays a very important role in child’s overall life the most important development is cognitive one- our intellectual development .

According to piaget, children go through four main stages or changes which spans into adulthood and greatly shapes their cognitive thoughts and helps in personality development.

1. Sensory Motor Stage

This stage starts from birth to 2 years. Children explore their environment and gain knowledge by their sensory experiences and manipulation of objects around them. They touch things, lick them bang them together and put them into their mouth . Your child also do that, isnt it? 😅

2. Pre-Operational Stage

Stage from 2-6 years, Operation means mental process. This stage is very crucial for ones Language Development. Children learn through free play, transductive reasoning comes in this stage which means not so logical reason. Children believe that action cannot be reversed or undone. For example- a 3year old can’t think of ice becoming water and vice versa. Animism thought developes where child believes of a non-living thing as living thing which has feeling in it.

3. Concrete Operational Stage

This stage starts from 7-11years. Here child develops reversibility, classification comes at this stage. He or she develops logical thinking sbout concrete objects. Transitivity develops – the ability to recognize relationships among various things. This stage is also known as later childhood or gang age.

4. Formal Operational Stage

Stage from 12 year and up. Here in this stage, child develops logic about abstract things. This is the age of divergent , convergent and creative thinking. Children begins to understand the Hypothetical -deductive reasoning – ability to think scientifically by generating predictions about the solution of a problem.

All children go through these stages naturally. But when given the right training and exposure to right concepts to their exsisting knowledge it will be more facilitative and broader in quality.

Parents play a very important role in this process. A good and facilitative environment by parents is a must in appropriate acquisition of these stages.

Children are the future of country ,they need a proper care in their early childhood stages, we must provide a healthy and knowledgable environment which would be fruitful for his overall development.

Are you providing a better environment to your child for his betterment of life?

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