How does Heredity and Environment influence on development.

Heredity and Environment both have their share in constructing the life and personality of the individual. In some cases Heredity may overpower development and Environment strongly influence growth and development. No person can be born without heredity and genes cannot develop without proper environment.

A child’s development represents the interaction of Heredity and Environment.


Heredity provides the basis for the development of human personality. Heredity is what a person is born with. It is responsible for all the unborn trait. All the qualities that a child has inherited from the parents is called heredity.

Heredity (nature) is defined as the totality of biological acquired factors and is an important factor in the life of an individual.

Heredity strongly influence on Physical and Social Development. Different characteristics of growth and development like intelligence, aptitudes, body structure, colour of hair, height, weight and colour of eyes are highly influenced by heredity.

At the time of conception the union of male and female germ cells causes fertilization of the ovum. The fertilized egg is known as zygote. Zygote has 46 chromosomes; i.e. 23 pair of chromosomes are there in a zygote.


Environment (nurture) is the totality of conditions which plays an important role in bringing the modification of our behaviour. It includes all the aspects of our surroundings except one’s genes. These factors influence the development of an individual.

Environment consists of various types of forces like physical, social, moral, cultural emotional etc.

If your living environment is cramped, noisy and filled with aggression your child’s development can be affected.

Environmental factors vary in their immediacy to the individual; they involve multiple layers of forces for example friends family, neighborhood , school systems and local governments.

Environmental influence has a prevalent effect on personality trait as well. It also influences in terms of Parenting influences a child’s personality.

According to Woodworth, both are equally essential in the growth and development of the child. Individual is the result of multiplication between heredity an environment.

Development = Heredity x Environment

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