Quarantine Time 😄

Hello everyone meet my students. They are utilising their quarantine with lots of activities.

These activities make them learn many things. As schools are closed many of parents are busy with their children at home. This is a good time to teach your child and spending lots of time with them.

It will help the parents to know lot more about their child. They are involved in their day today activities.

My 2 year old student

If you are a parent and want to do some activities with your kids? What are you wating for, here are some fun activities by which parents and a child get to know each other☺️

  • Watching some knowledgeable short movies, moral stories and cartoons.
  • Play board games with your children
  • Ask them to help set up the dinning table
  • Do scribbling with them, tell them about their body parts and it’s functions.
  • Sing songs , dance with them
  • Do some exercises and yoga
  • Bake and cook some easy recipes
  • Make a tent house indoors
  • Have a indoor picnic party
  • Take them to the kitchen to put away some grocery and ask about their colour.
  • Ask them to set thori books by own
  • Practice shapes and colours
  • Ask them to identify big ang small objects
  • Help them to organise their book self of closet.
  • Have a tea party
  • Make a family tree
  • Plant some seeds
  • Help them clean their room
  • Teach them how to write or speak difficult words
  • Do some easy crafts , like making a birthday card ,flower making , bottle painting etc.

By all these activities you can make your child busy and he/she will learn many important things.

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