What is the role of Social Development in children?

Social development for all people begins at birth and continues throughout life. It means investing in people.

Social Development in child means that how he develops friendship and other relationship as well as how a child handles conflict with person. It is also a process by which a child learns to interact with others around them. As they develop and perceive their own individuality within their community and they also gain skills to communicate with other people and process their action.

Social development can actually impact many of the other form of development in children. A child’s ability to interact in a healthy way with the people around them can impact everything from learning new words as a toddler, to being able to resist peer pressure as a high school student to successfully accepting the challenges of adulthood.

A healthy social development in child can lead to a great language skill, build their self esteem ,strengthen their learning skills and developing a positive attitude.

How to encourage social development in children?

Well every parent want their child to be successful and maintain a healthy and secure relationship with the community. You are your child’s best teacher. The early childhood years are not only a time for taking first step or for saying first word. They are also for their better relationships with other. These first skills are very important as they form a foundation for a child’s ongoing development and will affects his mental health and well-being.

Encourage social development in children by :

Providing them a nuturing environment, as they receive love and affection from parents.

Let them make decisions , making positive choices about personal and social behaviour will be key to your child’s success in life.

Encourage social activities , this will get your child to feel more comfortable with social situations.

Also Support your child to develop trust in other consistent adults .

Acknowledge your child’s feelings.

Social development and interaction are very important for each and every person for his betterment of life and to form a healthy relationship with other people.

Are you aware about your child’s social development?

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