Is your child’s behaviour is aggressive? Does he/she gets irritated, annoyed or nervous? What is the reason behind it?

Behaviour is that how one conducts themselves Its their action, reaction and function in response to everyday situation and environment.

Behaviour relates to one’s growth and development. Normal behaviour is a sign of good mental health and well-being of a child, and it affects the overall development.

There are many things that can cause child to have temper tantrums, emotional outburst and general “bad” or unexpected behaviour.
These may can include biological reasons, like being hungry or overtired. It can also include emotional reasons like not being able to cope with or describe their feelings.
Their environment can also influence behaviour. Physical illness disabilities, malnutrition and perceiving the world differently are the causes to this.

If you are a parent you have probably dealt with your child’s aggressive , annoyed and irritated behaviour. So what can we do ,to prevent child’s abnormal behaviour?

  • Firstly ,just try to understand your kid before punishing him for such a bad behaviour. As this is not the right way to deal with his/ her aggressive behaviour.
  • Try not to overreact
  • Avoid smacking
  • Be consistent
  • Talk to your child
  • Do what feels right. What you do has to be right for your child, yourself and the family.
  • Offer appropriate rewards
  • Catch your child being good
  • Don’t give in to tantrums or aggressive behaviour
  • Stay calm
  • Show your child how you feel
  • Listen to them
  • Keep promises
  • Keep things simple and positive
  • Give children responsibility and consequences
  • Maintain a sense of humour
  • Make your child feel important
  • Help your child find new ways to deal with their anger
  • Avoid encouraging toughness
  • Control your own temper

Occasionally, aggressive behaviour can form serious behaviour disorders or mental health problems. If your child’s aggression is serious or is not responding to discipline,it’s time to seek a help. Talk to your paediatrician.

6 thoughts on “BEHAVIOUR

  1. I seem to be an A hole as a kid, I did tell when I was 5 years old to my other “buddies” that Santa Clause didn´t exist that it was their parents playing Santa Clause. I think I scared some kids while me being a kid…… kind of weird, anyways what is your take on that?

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  2. You’ve included many wise suggestions here for helping children choose positive behaviors. As a teacher of many years, I was surprised at the power of positive reinforcement, catching my students being good and praising them for it. I also agree that appropriate rewards can be a strong encouragement. In fact, if children have a say in what prize they’d like to earn, their behavior is likely to improve all the faster!

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